Top 5 Fitness Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

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  • LAKI News: Product Launch!
  • Top 5 Fitness Influencers you should follow

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LAKI News: Product Launch

If you haven’t heard about our launch yesterday where have you been? We just launched our beloved ALTA jogger sets in a brand new color. A color- I might add- that is perfect for the Fall season. The new color is named Pine and it is by far my new favorite jogger color! 

The new color comes in both the original cropped ALTA hoodie, and the new drop-cut style, so don’t be afraid to go check them out! I promise you’ll love them. I know I do.

Top 5 Fitness Influencers You should Follow

Looking for fitness influencers on Instagram to inspire you to be active without making you feel insecure? So was I! So I took it upon myself to find my top 5 favorite influencers that I feel have inspired me to stay motivated, and who also provide good workouts/ workout tips that I can follow myself! Without further ado, here’s our top 5 favorite influencers we think you should follow on Instagram!

Influencer #1: @linnlowes

Linn is a verified fitness influencer on Instagram. She shows at-home workouts along with workouts you can do at the gym. Not only this but she gives great tips about what to do when working out specific muscles She shows her before and after pictures to document her real progress. She’s also a cancer survivor who knows how to keep her followers motivated and inspired with real life experience.

Influencer #2: @sunflowervalentine

Valentine runs a wellness/ beauty page on Instagram. However, although her focus appears to be more in the wellness/ beauty department she does have a highlight bubble in her account containing her fitness journey which I love to watch for workout inspo! She also has a plant-based diet, and her captions are always uplifting and empowering to her followers. You should definitely check her out and give her a follow.

Influencer #3: @kelseywells

Kelsey is a fitness influencer who is also verified on Instagram. We love her page because she shares no-equipment-workouts which are awesome for those of us who can’t make it to the gym right now. She also includes food diaries which are so helpful, and inspires her followers to eat healthier because fitness is not only staying active, but also maintaining a healthy diet. She’s also a mother which we love here at LAKI because it makes being active seem so much more realistic and possible.  

Influencer #4: @bellanaija

Dr. Cordelia is a lifestyle, fitness, and women’s health influencer. She is a certified OBGYN, and focuses her profile on empowering women. She posts captions that are motivational and all about self-respect and self-love. Not only that, but she also posts great tips for staying on your fitness routines. She’s definitely someone you want to follow if you want more positivity in your life. 

Influencer #5: @livingwellwithanna

Anna describes herself as a wellness advocate. She posts workouts, her authentic progress, and will often post pictures with healthy foods and their recipes for you to try at home. She’s the perfect wellness influencer, but not only that, she’s a LAKI ambassador! So you should definitely check out her account!

Thank you so much for reading this week's blog post, we hope you guys will check out these influencers because they truly are all amazing women who have accomplished so much!

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