Athlete Highlight: Tori Halford

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What’s up, everyone! Welcome back to our blog, this week’s blog post is one we’ve been dying to get out there because it’s another Athlete Highlight, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know this Athlete! Wanna checkout the agenda?

  • Athlete Highlight: Tori Halford

Are you guys excited for another highlight? So are we, so let’s get started.

Athlete Highlight: Tori Halford

Another Athlete highlight? Count us in! Especially today because our Highlight is all about Tori Halford, one of LAKI’s newest athletes! We’ve loved getting to know her through this and we’re sure you guys will love getting to know her as well.

Tori originally found LAKI through Instagram, but also through a mutual friend of the owners and herself. Tori has been a LAKI athlete for about 2 months now, and she’s loved it for the one of a kind activewear and the one of a kind people who work with LAKI.

Originally, Tori was born in Boise, Idaho. However, she mostly grew up in the Sandy, Utah area. As of right now, you can find Tori out travelling throughout California with her husband while he does some work out there. Usually, they’re stationed right near LAKI in Vineyard, Utah.

Fitness has always been a part of Tori’s life. She’s always had a really active lifestyle, and she was even a D1 athlete in college where she played soccer for Utah Valley University! Besides soccer and other fitness related activities, you can probably find Tori watching The Circle on Netflix! She loves its message about the public’s perception of others through the eye of social media. It really makes you think before judging someone before you really know them.

Before signing off there’s one thing Tori wanted to tell you readers. If you ever find yourself becoming a part of Tori’s community she wants you to feel accepted, loved, and important. Not only that, but also whatever you can set your mind to, you can accomplish! 

This is something that LAKI has tried to create for so long. A community that truly allows others to feel welcome in any state that they are in. Everyone who comes across our page is loved and important to us, because you all are what makes LAKI function and grow! 

If you want to continue getting to know Tori and all that she values you can find her on Instagram @torielizabethfit or on TikTok @torihalford.


See Ya Next Week

Thank you so much for joining us again in getting to know another one of our amazing athletes. We love doing this segment because we love appreciating every athlete and ambassador on our team. Until next time guys... 

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