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Good morning, everyone! It’s nice to see you back and reading another blog post. We’ve been talking so much about restocks and moves that we haven’t really been able to update you all on our lives, so we wanted to give you a little peek on what we’ve been up to. Here’s the agenda:

  • LAKI News: ALTA PRO Collections Updates
  • LAKI Teams Current Obsessions

Ready to find out about what we can’t get enough of?! So are we, let’s get started!

LAKI News 

Holy cow, you guys! The reaction to our ALTA PROS has seriously been amazing! We’ve loved working on this collection, and we’ve loved seeing you guys love it just as much as we do.

We are now sold out on the ALTA PROS in the color Midnight Black, but don’t worry they are still available in our Ash Grey, Scarlet Red, Pine Green, and also Glacier and Sky Blue! If you want an ALTA PRO set and you still haven’t gotten one hurry and check out what’s still left because it is definitely going fast.  

Our Current Obsessions

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten on here, and let you know what’s going on with us. So, for today, we’ll be letting you guys know what we’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks. We’ve split it up into three categories: our current favorite outdoor activity, our current favorite snack, and our current favorite show to binge!  

Ty’s Current Obsessions:

There’s so much to do around the business of LAKI, but when Ty isn’t doing anything business related, what is he doing?

Maybe he’s snackin’ on Korea BBQ Pork Jerky because right now he can’t get enough. The savory sweet flavor is just too yummy to put down in Ty’s opinion. 

To get outside Ty has been going on walks or really anything he can do to get outside. With warm weather creeping up on him, he’s gonna do all he can to get outside and enjoy that nice sun (before it suddenly turns overcast and windy of course). 

But if he’s not outside relishing in the Spring weather, Ty is probably going to be binge watching Vikings… again. Ever since the first watch through there is nothing that can stop Ty from watching it again and again. It’s definitely one of the best shows out there. At least in Ty’s opinion. He’s already seen it twice before, but don’t worry he’s currently on his third round and he still hasn’t gotten enough of it.

Tasha’s Current Obsessions:

What’s Tasha been up to lately? Should we find out? 

Tasha’s favorite snack right now is definitely cereal. The wide array of flavors leaves all the choices for Tasha, especially for all of her different cravings. Plus who can’t love the flavor of cereal milk at the end of a good bowl? So far her favorite cereal is definitely Reese’s Puffs- gotta love the peanut butter cravings!

Other than munchin’ on cereal Tasha has been out playing pickleball with Ty (her husband). It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also staying active, and getting that cardio in! Anybody down for doubles in pickleball? 

When Tasha’s not out playing pickleball though you can find her binging the show Suits on Amazon Prime Video. A show that follows takes place in New York and follows the life of a Law Associate who secretly never practiced law...but no more spoilers for you. You’ll just have to check it out yourself.

Mimi’s (that’s me) Current Obsessions:

There is so much that I am genuinely obsessed with right now, but I must say these top 3 are by far what’s keeping me going. 

I’m loving my Nature Valley granola bars. It’s definitely an interesting snack, but the mixture of the honey and the oats is to die for! They may be a bit on the crumby side, but a crumby floor is worth the sacrifice if I get to bite into these bad boys.

With warm weather approaching I will do just about anything to get outside. However, hammocking is my go-to. I live about 10 minutes away from one of the most gorgeous canyons ever, so taking my hammock, a few friends, and of course some Nature Valley granola bars and just relaxing while the birds chirp is definitely what keeps me happy and content.

I’m an expert TV show binge watcher, but I think I have finally met my match. Criminal Minds is my favorite show right now. I’ve always been interested in the crime genre, but this one just never stops. Currently on season 6 and with 15 seasons of this I’m sure I won’t be done anytime soon. Maybe check up on me next year and see where I am.


See Ya Next Time 

Thanks for coming and reading today guys. I know it's been a lot of business talk lately which is why we tried to keep it light today. Thank you to everyone who comes and reads weekly we really appreciate you all. We'll see you next week for an ambassador highlight! 

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