Ambassador Highlight: Halle Bailey

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Welcome back to another one of our blog posts! We always love having you guys here reading our posts so thanks for coming back once again. We’ve got a treat ready for you guys, wanna know what’s on the agenda?

  • LAKI News: ALTA PRO Restock
  • Ambassador Highlight: Halle Bailey

These ambassador highlights have been so fun, we hope you guys enjoy them as much as we do! 

ALTA PRO Restock 

We’ve restocked the ALTA PRO Joggers! If you didn’t get some of the ALTA PRO Joggers from the initial launch, then now is your time to snag some. The Midnight black from this restock is already almost gone… again.

Once this round is gone, we won’t be restocking for a long time. So if you want these ALTA PRO Joggers you better get some now! We don’t want you all to miss out on one of our favorite products!

Ambassador Highlight

We’ve got another ambassador highlight for you guys today. This one is seriously so amazing! Today our Highlight is Halle Bailey! I personally loved getting to know her through this as she has such a sunshine personality! So let’s get started! 

Halle was born in Minnesota, however, she grew up in River Falls, Wisconsin. Right now Halle is living in Madison, Wisconsin with her lovely husband! She likes to say that she’s a midwestern gal!

She actually found LAKI way back when we were much smaller than we are now in 2019! Even though she discovered LAKI so long ago she actually recently became an ambassador in March of this year! Halle has loved being a part of LAKI for the team! She loves Tasha and Ty (the CEOs) and how active they are within the community. She enjoys that LAKI isn’t just a brand that follows trends like other fitness companies, but that the passion in what we create is evident in each product! 

Fitness was always a part of Halle’s life because of her 15 year volleyball career! However, it wasn’t until her college career when she really began to fall in love with strength training. Her team’s training coach was the first person to truly celebrate her strand and it made her fall in love with building her physique. It’s been her passion ever since.

Other than fitness Halle has been interested in tons of other stuff! Of course she loves her fitness podcasts- especially the ones that debunk fitness myths, but she’s also into true crime YouTube, and home renovation videos. Having just bought her first home- the home renovation side of TikTok is truly giving her all the help she needs! 

The last thing Halle wanted to share with you one final message, “I want all women to know that a strong physique is a beautiful physique. Most of my life I absolutely hated my body. It wasn’t until I was saved by weight training that I felt truly confident in what I saw in the mirror. Don’t let the fear of being bulky, which I promise you won’t be, keep you from building your dream body.” Here at LAKI we obviously agree. Whatever your dream body may be, whether you wanna gain weight or lose weight, or just become stronger, don’t let small fears get in the way of your progress. You are amazing, and you’re capable of some amazing things! So, don’t let anyone- even yourself- stop you from achieving those things! 

If you want to continue keeping up with Halle and her life you can follow her @fittobehappyy. She also suggests following some other wonderful fitness accounts to aid you in your fitness journey such as @tpb_fitness, @memmfitness, and @yukmatsu! 

Signing Off

That’s all for today everyone, we hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know another one of our ambassadors! We will see you all again next week with another super exciting blog post!

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