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We are very excited about today’s blog post. Like we’ve said before this blog was created to reach our audience, to get to know them, and allow them to get to know us, so we asked you guys what questions you had for us, and now we’ll answer them! Keep reading to hear what your fellow LAKI team members have been wondering about LAKI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What inspired you guys to start LAKI?

A: Ty and Tasha had always wanted to create their own clothing brand. They tried to start LAKI 2 years prior to when it actually launched, but they quickly realized they didn’t have the resources available. Ty and Tasha became very interested in working out and being active and eventually decided that they were finally prepared to start LAKI. They decided they wanted to make something affordable, and still have great quality, and finally, after spending 6 months trying to find the right sample they found a legging that would be up to their standard. Then LAKI was born.

Q: Where did the name “LAKI” come from?

A: Laki (luh-k-eye)was named after the settlers of the volcano Laki in Iceland. A small village lived at the base of Laki and had to move once the volcano erupted, however, once the volcano was quiet they settled back at the base. It is common for land to be desolate and uninhabitable after a volcanic eruption, but this was home to the settlers, and they did all they could to keep it that way. Eventually, the small village flourished. This story is what inspired Ty and Tasha to name it LAKI Active and to do everything they could to make their dream flourish as well.

Q: Are your products ethically sourced?

A: Yes! Our products are all manufactured in sweat-shop free facilities and are also eco-friendly certified. This means that they produce less waste than a traditional factory.

Q: How do I know which size to pick?

A: Most of our products run true to size. However, all bodies are unique, and just like all bodies are unique so is every LAKI collection. Depending on the collection, a legging could possibly fit differently. You can always reference our sizing chart to find out which size we think will fit you best depending on your measurements. I’ll link it right here:

Q: How do you suggest we wash our clothes for the best product care?

A: For best results, wash products inside out in a cold, gentle cycle with like colors. Leave them out to dry. Do not machine dry. All care instructions can be found on each item’s product page as well.

Q: How do I become a sponsored athlete for LAKI?

A: Oftentimes, we will find people to sponsor through our ambassadors. If an ambassador has been with us for a long time and has shown loyalty to our company we will sponsor them or find other ways of thanking them for all they do for LAKI.


Q: What’s your favorite product?

A: Personally my favorite product is the ZORA tank. I think it’s so cute. It looks so nice and sporty. Plus, It’s super comfortable. We do have only a few sizes left in stock, and we won’t be restocking them, which for me is a big bummer.

Ty's favorite product is the ARK set because he believes that he loves the progress he sees from the first ARK legging LAKI has made to the current sets we have now.

The ARK leggings are also Tasha's favorite because they're soft and have great compression.

Becca's favorite product is the swift shorts specifically in color lilac cause she loves the color, and they're super comfy.

Q: When are biker shorts coming back?

A:  We’ve been talking about bringing our biker shorts back in the spring of 2021. With fall and winter approaching, we haven’t turned our focus to shorts again quite yet.

Q: When are men’s products launching?

A: Currently, we are working on a men’s line, however, we don’t have a set date they will be launching. You can subscribe to our newsletter, and- if you aren’t already- follow us on Instagram so that you can know when we have an official launch date. Shorts jacket

Q: When are swift shorts restocking?

A: Surprise! We have a restock of swift shorts coming up soon. We can probably expect them to come within a month, so keep an eye out for those!


Q: Is there an outlet section on your website?

A: We love the idea of an outlet section, and we’ll definitely consider it for the future. As of right now though if you are having trouble paying for the full price we do have a sale section on our website that I’ll link here, or you could even look into our ambassador program which offers discounts and many more opportunities.


Q: How did you get started working with LAKI?

A: My sister is the Social Media Manager for LAKI. She heard that LAKI needed someone to do shipping/ fulfillment and got me an interview. I had been working at a dry cleaner before which I honestly didn’t like that much and I knew this was my chance to move on to something bigger and better.

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Thank you guys so much for sending in all these questions, we hope the answers helped! We appreciate you all so much, and if you ever have more questions please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, or email us at

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