Hireling Highlight: Tasha Coy- Co-owner of LAKI Active

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Thanks for joining us for another blog post, today’s post is going to be so fun. Let me tell you what we’ve got planned for our readers today.

  • Some exciting LAKI News
  • Hireling Highlight Pt. 2

Now that you know what we have for you guys today let’s jump right into it!

Thrilling LAKI News

If you didn’t know already this week at Laki we’ve restocked some of your favorite items! 

We restocked our ALTA jogger sets, and we brought back the cropped hoodie in some of our new colors (Woohoo)! We now have the cropped hoodie and the drop-cut hoodie. Which ALTA hoodie do you like more? Let us know in the comments below!

The ARK sets are back as well! The ARK sets are now fully restocked in every color, and we have a bonus surprise coming to you guys soon regarding the ARK sets. Friday we have the ARK set coming out in a brand new color that you won't want to miss out on. Any guesses what the new color might be?

Hireling Highlight: Tasha Coy

Our hireling highlight for this week is Tasha Coy! Tasha is Co-owner of LAKI Active and helps out with shipping and fulfillment, customer service, and lots of other tasks that need to be done within the company. 

Tasha has danced since she was 8 years old, and was on her high school dance team. She loves to dance for the whole experience of getting up on stage and getting out of her comfort zone. She still attends dance classes every Sunday because it’s truly something she has enjoyed for so many years.

Of course, you can probably guess that Tasha loves going to the gym. She loves the gym because she feels she is constantly proving to herself that she can do hard things. She and her husband’s (Ty Coy, Co-owner of LAKI) love for going to the gym, and accomplishing goals that seem difficult is what inspired them to build LAKI.

Before she helped found LAKI, Tasha had actually been working as an orthodontist assistant for up to 2 years and continued working as an orthodontist assistant for 3 and a half months after LAKI was founded. LAKI was growing much faster, and getting busier and busier everyday and she realized it needed her help. She finally quit, and it was the best decision she ever made. Tasha says that through this she hopes to inspire others to show courage, and chase their ambitions just as she did.

You can find Tasha on Instagram @tashacoy where you can watch Tasha grow right alongside LAKI.

We hope you guys liked today’s Hireling Highlight, it’s only the second one we’ve done, but it’s definitely my favorite already! 

See Ya Next Week!

Thanks for reading this week’s blog post! We appreciate you all so much, we’ll see you next week with a whole new post to keep you up to date with all LAKI has to offer.

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Maria C.

Cropped hoodie! ❤️ Love the new sangria colored, need to get myself one 😍
Ps. Tasha is such a babe, love her dance videos on her IG! 😍

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