Hireling Highlight Pt. 9: Remi McWhorter

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  • LAKI News: Tik Tok Domination 
  • Hireling Highlight Pt. 9: Remi McWhorter 

This one’s gonna be so fun, so keep reading, and get to the good stuff!

Tik Tok Domination

Okay so maybe we’re not dominating the world of Tik Tok quite yet, but we’re definitely getting there! LAKI has had a Tik Tok account for a while, but we haven’t posted consistently in the past. However, we’re amping it up now. We’ll be posting more fun and much more consistent content for all our Tik Tok lovers out there. So please do us a huge favor, and go check out our Tik Tok give us a like, follow, or even just view some of our recent videos. You can find us @lakiactive on Tik Tok. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Hireling Highlight

This week’s Hireling Highlight will be another one of our athletes Remi McWhorter. We only just recently signed Remi as an athlete, but working with her for the past couple of months has already been so fun, and exciting. We can’t wait for you all to get to know Remi this week!

Remi was born in Omaha, Nebraska but grew up in Rexburg, Idaho and then eventually making her way to Utah! She grew up spending time with her friends and family, and she often participated in dance and track. Eventually, she went on to be a D1 athlete for BYU where she ran track with her event being the heptathlon.

Remi originally started modeling because she’s naturally very tall. She’d always thought about it, but with a little help from her friends and family she was finally able to give it a try. Ever since she’s been modeling off and on (ever since high school), but LAKI was her first steady modeling job.

Her favorite thing about working with LAKI is the community the brand provides for everyone involved! Whether you’re a model like Remi, an assistant, or even just a customer- everyone can feel the care that goes into every piece they sell and the time that we at LAKI devote in order to make sure we are constantly giving the best to everyone who comes across our brand. Not only this, but Remi has loved getting to know everyone she’s gotten to work with from the LAKI community.

Remi is now a psychology major attending UVU whilst working with LAKI and Daniels Academy. It looks like she’s accomplished so much, and we know with Remi’s bubbly, and kind personality that she’s only going up from here!

That’s all for Remi’s Highlight today. Thank you all for reading, and getting to know her with us!


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