Hireling Highlight Pt.8: Cassidy Johnson

Happy Holidays!

Hey, Everyone! Thanks for joining us for today’s blog post. Today’s post is definitely one of my favorites since we started, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Wanna see what we have planned? 

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  • Hireling Highlight Pt. 8: Cassidy Johnson

You definitely don’t want to miss this Hireling Highlight because Cas has a great message for all of us! Now let’s get going.

Coming Soon…

Did you see our Instagram post on Tuesday? If not that’s fine, I’ll sum it up. 

We’ve got some fantastic news for you! We’re finally finished with a new line. Now I don’t wanna spoil too much, but they’ll be here soon after the new year, and trust me, you guys are going to love them. They come in 6 colors and are available to mix in match. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for those. Go check out our Instagram @lakiactive for a sneak peek!

Hireling Highlight: Cassidy Johnson

Our next Hireling Highlight is Cassidy (Cas) Johnson. Cas is another athlete here at LAKI, and was 1 of the 2 first athletes we signed with LAKI, meaning she’s worked with us for almost 2 years now.

Cas has been modeling for about 2 years. She originally began modeling because she had always loved fashion. She started out modeling for her aunt who owns a boutique, and grew very quickly ever since. Cas loves how it acts as a creative outlet for her, and she loves working with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their careers and businesses. Cas is now modeling full-time and has been for about a year now.

Working with LAKI, Cas says, is the perfect mix of her 2 passions: fitness and fashion. She says she loves the quality of our gear, and is always excited to put it on and head to the gym. Not only this but the LAKI team is like a family to her. The LAKI Fam was some of the first people to get Cas to the gym, and she’s very grateful for the influence and support we have had for her here at LAKI. The last thing she says about working with LAKI is, “We’re all so different in the way we look and the lives we live, but we come together because we all love being healthy and taking care of our bodies!” Which is why Cas enjoys working with LAKI so much!

Fitness and fashion have been some of Cas’ passions for a while now. She loves being able to put concepts together and make her ideas come to life. This is why she decided to open Blank Space Studios (located in American Fork, UT). It’s two spaces where anyone can get creative, shoot products, host events, or whatever their heart desires. This allowed Cas to find a creative outlet that brings joy to her work life.

The last questions we asked Cas was “Is there anything else you would like us to mention?” and her response was perfect. Cas wants you all to know this:

“Our bodies are ours. We only get one. Love it, accept it, take care of it, and also-push it. We are so strong. When we push our bodies physically it’s so rewarding mentally, and emotionally as well. We build those strengths up and it gives us something to be proud of, a goal to work towards, and it will just make you feel better overall. I was always very skinny and was terrified of gaining weight or muscle. I’m a year into lifting and I’ve never been more confident, strong, or healthy. I love my body and I’m way more in tune with it. 2020 has been a year, but fitness was one of the main factors that got me through it. It’s never too late to start- and taking care of yourself physically will never be a mistake!”

This Hireling Highlight has definitely been my favorite. It’s great to get to know Cas more. Her message about taking care of ourselves is one that we at LAKI try to inspire to the audience we reach as much as we can. Thanks for getting to know Cas along with us today! 

Until Next Time! 

We hope you all enjoyed this blog post as much as we did. We hope we at least inspired one of you today to get up and start working on yourself- even if it’s the small things. Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you all next week! 

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