Hireling Highlight Pt. 6: Olivia Edwards

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How’s it going!? We’re excited to bring you yet another LAKI blog post this week. Let’s jump right in and we have planned for y’all today!

  • LAKI News: Golden Tickets!
  • Hireling Highlight Pt. 6

Yes, that’s right! We have another Hireling Highlight for you guys this week, keep reading to find out who we’ve decided to get to know!

Golden Tickets!

If you didn’t watch our stories we’re doing Golden Tickets. If you order today through November 20th you are guaranteed a golden ticket in your order. Our Golden tickets will go out to every person, and whoever receives one of our golden tickets will receive a special discount for our black out sale!

Blackout sale is Wednesday the 25th of November so make sure you order so that you can get that special discount. Trust us, it’s going to be worth it. Remember you’re guaranteed a golden ticket, so get those orders in!

Hireling Highlight: Olivia Edwards

This week’s highlight is Olivia Edwards! Liv is another athlete here at LAKI, and she was one of our first signed models when we first began. We’ve loved working with her ever since! We can’t wait for you guys to get to know her.

Liv has been modeling for 4 years now, and she says that modeling really just found her. A photographer reached out to her, and all of a sudden she was getting calls to model at all kinds of shoots. She’s loved it ever since she started. Liv does such a great job at modeling and looking so serious and also gorgeous that so many people are scared of her, but in reality she is the most kind, bubbly, high energy girl you will ever meet.

Liv’s favorite part about LAKI is the positivity, and the people she meets. She loves getting together with everyone, and enjoying their time together, and simply just having fun as a whole LAKI fam.

She was born in Washington, and later moved to Utah. Her husband, Blade, does Summer sales so Liv finds herself traveling to new places every year like Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois which allows her to go places she never would have gone on her own.

Liv also co-owns her own photography business with @so.picture.this (Alexis Clark) where they do stylized photo shoots, and bring creative models and photographers together for workshops, and allow them to learn the ins and outs of the modeling/photography world. You can find their work and everything else they do @infocuscreatives on Instagram.

If you want to continue to keep up with Liv and her life make sure to follow her on Instagram @liv_anne2.

Thanks so much for joining us for another Hireling Highlight. We hope you guys love this one, and we hope you also love getting to know us at LAKI a little bit more. 

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Thanks for reading this week's blog post. Don’t forget to make your purchase so that you can get your golden ticket, and definitely don’t forget to come back next time for more! Have a Happy Halloween this weekend, and stay safe out there!

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