Hireling Highlight Pt. 5: Elle Brown


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  • LAKI News: Local Pick-up
  • Hireling Highlight: Elle Brown

We can’t wait to let you guys know more about LAKI, so let’s get started!

LAKI News:

In case you haven't heard, we have exciting news for those of you who live in Utah. We’re now offering local pick-up. You no longer have to pay shipping. All you have to do is select local pick-up when checking out, then you’ll select a time to pick up, and we’ll see you then!

We can't wait to meet some of our LAKI team members in person! Make sure to stop by, so we can get to know you guys! We’ll be seeing you, Utah folk, later! 

Hireling Highlight Pt. 5: Elle Brown

For today’s Hireling Highlight we’ve decided to highlight Elle Brown. Elle is an athlete here at LAKI, and we can’t wait to let you guys get to know her! 

Elle enjoys working for LAKI because of what LAKI stands for. She’s all for focusing on what she can control, taking action, and working on becoming better little by little, rather than having an “all or nothing” mindset. Not only this, but she loves all the people she has met through working with LAKI.

Elle has recently been into the Scare to Death! Podcast in order to get herself into the spooky season mood. She does have to take breaks though or else it definitely gets too scary!

In high school Elle was a competitive dancer. Having later graduated high school she felt like she lacked the confidence and healthy feeling she had before. This inspired her to make a change. This was 5 years ago, and now Elle has come to love herself and her active lifestyle. 

Along with staying active Elle is also vegan! Originally it was all about the health benefits, however, the more Elle kept up with her plant based lifestyle she discovered how poorly animals are treated in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Yes, originally for Elle it was just the health benefits, but now her love for animals and not wanting to take part in their suffering is what keeps her vegan. 

Elle is very passionate about self-development, self-love, and self-reliance. She strongly believes that working on improving these areas has been the driving factor for the progress that she has made on herself mentally and physically since she first started her fitness journey. A tip she has for working on this is reading! Specifically Elle reads spiritual and self-help books. Her favorite book right now is The 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

Thank you guys for checking out today’s Hireling Highlight. We love all that Elle has to share with us, and we hope you guys love it too! You can continue to learn more about Elle on her Instagram @ellelynnbrown and her YouTube channel @ Elle Lynn Brown.

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