Hireling Highlight Pt. 4: Ty Coy

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The blog post here at LAKI this week has some interesting content that you definitely won’t want to miss. Y'all want to see what it is? Let’s check out the agenda:

  • Laki News: New product alert!!
  • Hireling Highlight: Co-owner of LAKI

Seems like a loaded LAKI post don’t you think? There’s so much in here you shouldn’t ignore. Let’s get on with it.

New Product Alert!!

We launched our new LAKI Duffel on Tuesday. If you didn’t see it you should go check it out. It’s the ultimate gym/ overnight bag. We put so much thought into these bags here at LAKI. There’s compartments for everything you need. 

Designated spot for dirt laundry with ventilation? We got it! Water bottle pocket stretchy enough to hold 40 oz. water bottle? We got it! Hide away backpack straps? We got it, and so much more! Plus it comes in 2 different colors: black, and teal! So make sure to go check those out!

Hireling Highlight

The focus of today’s Hireling Highlight is LAKI’s co-owner Ty Coy. Ty designs all of the LAKI products, does content creation- including photo and video, and so much more around LAKI. Stick around to get to know Ty a little bit better.

He is the youngest in a family of 13 with 11 children, however, including nieces, nephews, and in-laws it is well over 50.

Recently Ty has been really into watching Supernatural, and he recently got back into playing guitar, which he used to play a lot when he was younger, but just started playing again. He plays guitar because it helps him think, and allows some peace into his very busy life as a small business owner.

Ty is a creator. He enjoys doing anything that allows him to create something. Especially if it will bring joy to others. He enjoys playing his guitar, writing songs, and taking pictures- all things Ty does for the enjoyment of himself and others.

Ty’s favorite part about working on LAKI is being in a leadership role where he can see the people on his team work and create alongside him. He loves to see their creativity in the individual ways they express it. Ty also loves working on LAKI because he likes seeing the effects it has on others. It has always been his dream to uplift and inspire others, and with LAKI he feels he can truly accomplish that.   

You can continue to get to know and keep up with Ty on Instagram @tycoy. 

Signing Off

Thanks so much for reading today’s blog post, we always appreciate you guys reading it! And if you haven’t seen our duffels you should check them out now! 

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