Hireling Highlight Pt. 10: Miranda McWhorter

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  • Hireling Highlight Pt. 10: Miranda McWhorter 

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Hireling Highlight: Miranda McWhorter

An extra thank you for reading this Hireling Highlight today because this is our last Hireling Highlight for a while! We’ve gotten to know everyone else here at LAKI, and it has been so amazing for us and I’m sure for you guys too, so thanks for keeping up with all of us here working with LAKI. Now without further ado, here’s Miranda McWhorter!

She is another athlete with LAKI. She’s been an athlete for a couple of months now. She started working with LAKI at the same time Remi (our previous Hireling Highlight). She’s been so great to work with cause she's so kind, and does a great job of making everyone around her feel comfortable. We can’t wait to keep working with Miranda in the future!

Miranda was born in Pocatello, Idaho. She grew up in Rigby, Idaho. It worked out great for us, though, that she ended up finding herself here in Utah!

Modeling wasn’t something that Miranda meant to stumble upon. She started collaborating with photographers in high school, and somehow ended up freelance modeling for just about 7 years now. Even though it wasn’t something she was specifically looking for Miranda has loved freelance modeling every step of the way.

Working with LAKI, Miranda says, has been a great experience. She loves being able to model products she genuinely loves. Not only that, but LAKI represents something that she is truly passionately about, fitness! 

Wanna keep up with Miranda, and her life? No worries Miranda posts consistently on her Tik Tok and Instagram. You can find her on both @miranda_mcw. That’s all for Miranda McWhorter, and unfortunately that’s also the last of our Hireling Highlights, but don’t worry we have a bit of a surprise coming for you all. 


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