Hireling Highlight: Becca Garner

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Surprising LAKI News

You might have seen from our Instagram stories, but if you haven’t LAKI has relocated. We now have our very own warehouse that we think is perfect for LAKI and all that we want it to grow to be. We moved over the past week, and even though it was a lot of work we believe it was definitely worth it.

In other and exciting news we have officially restocked the Legacy ii leggings for the last time. This restock will be the last, so if you need an excuse to buy some Legacy ii leggings this is it. Make sure to head over to buy some Legacy ii leggings after this before they are gone forever.

That’s it for LAKI News, let’s move on to our Hireling Highlight.

Hireling Highlight Pt.3: Becca Garner

Becca is this week’s Hireling Highlight, and we are very excited for you all to get to know her. 

She graduated high school with her associates degree, and from there went on to work for America First Credit Union as their social media administrator. She then left AFCU to come work here with LAKI.

Becca is our social media manager here at LAKI, she’s the girl behind all our Insta posts. She’s been here at LAKI for about 9 months now. She loves working here because it’s fun to do social media for an active wear company and says that there are so many exciting and creative ways to highlight active wear.

She has been married to her husband Griffin for 4 years, and recently just had her first child- the cutest baby girl named Ophelia. They also have an Australian Shepherd named Aries, and he is the most adorable pup!

Becca loves to cook, try new foods, and shop. Her favorite shops to hit are Madewell, Nordstrom, Hope Ave., and Free People. She believes that earrings are the number one thing that truly makes an outfit pop.


Becca is also my (Maria Valletta, author of the blog) sister, and she is actually the reason I am working with LAKI today.


You can find out more about Becca, and continue to see her and her family flourish on her instagram @beccagarnerr, and you can follow her on twitter @beccavalletta. 

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