DIY Tricks and Tips to (Tie) Dye For

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Oh hey! Welcome back! We’re so excited to be here for another blog post. You might have seen our tie-dye video a couple of weeks back (and if you haven’t don’t worry we’ll link it down below). Today we'll be recapping the video, but also giving you some tips we wish we knew when we started our fun project. And don’t you think we forgot about the giveaway! We’ll be telling you about that information too!

LAKI News: We tie-dyed!

Our team had the best time tie-dying our jogger sets, they turned out so cute, and I personally cannot stop wearing mine. Not only did it turn out super cute, but it’s also the perfect solution to a nasty stain on your perfectly white ALTA jogger set. However, before you get tie-dying here are some tips we learned from our own tie-dying experience.

Our 4 Tips: 

  • Wear clothes you don’t care for.
  • Wet the clothes.
  • Cover the clothing piece.
  • Wash it!

Number One: Wear clothes you don’t care for. 

This one’s kind of obvious, but a good thing to know if you don’t already! You’re working with clothing dye, so it’s definitely going to stain if you accidentally spill or splash. We suggest wearing an old t-shirt and pants.

Number Two: Wetting the clothes.

Before you dye the clothes you gotta get them wet, but if they’re too wet, the dye’s gonna bleed (and not in a cute way). Those clothes should be DAMP, not completely wet.

Number Three: Cover it in dye.

Once you’ve wrapped it in rubber bands, you’re going to want to put A LOT of dye on it. When you’re putting the dye on it’s going to look like it’s covered, but once unwrapped you’ll notice that you didn’t put enough dye on the clothing. It’s really easy to miss a huge chunk if you’re not careful. So when we say to cover it in dye, I guess we mean drench it in dye. Trust me, we wish we had.

Number Four: Wash it...A couple of times.

Everyone knows that you have to wash the piece of clothing once you’re done dying it, but you should probably wash alone at least 2-3 times. The dye is going to bleed in the wash, and if you stick it with the other clothes, chances are you’ll end up with some extra colorful clothes.

Giveaway Time!

It’s giveaway time ladies and gents! Here’s how to enter: leave us a comment here on what you would like to see from the blog in the future, and be entered to win a new sports bra! That’s right, it’s that easy! Now get commenting!

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Tie-dye video:



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Lily costantini

Totally obsessed with all of your products. The only workout clothes I wear and everyone always ask where I get my clothes from!!! Seriously the best I have found my favs. I would like to see some more workout routines and like little blogs from the models and their workouts/ nutrition guides. I believe that this small business (right now) 🙃 will become a big one some day!!!


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Sierra Burkinshaw

It terms of content and clothes Id love to see more motivational words or sayings. Like a one word motivational word on the back of a sports bra would be cute!!


Fitness and food guides! Also different ways to style your products!

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