Black Out Sale Questions and Answers

Happy Black Out Sale!

Happy Black Out Sale everyone! Thank you so much for visiting our website today, you all have been so amazing, and the amount of orders we have gotten has us all so grateful. All the orders from this Black Out sale has us here at the warehouse so busy, and our inbox is flooded. So we’re here to answer a few common questions that you all have had, so that we can provide you with as much help as possible! 

Is my order eligible for a cash refund?

Any sale items or orders purchased with a discount/promotional code are not eligible for a cash refund. However, you can always exchange any items for in-store credit, or for any other item of equal or lesser value on our website.

How long do I have to return my items if I wish to exchange them?

From the day you receive your items you have 14 days to return your items in order for them to be eligible for any sort of exchange.

When will my order ship out? 

As with most companies around this time we have so many orders that are needing to be fulfilled. Everyone here at the warehouse is working so hard to get all your orders shipped out, however, delays are to be expected. We appreciate you all and all of your patience!

How long will the sale go on for?

Today’s sale will only last for today, but don’t stress, we have sales going on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and this next Monday that are also going to have some great deals!

Can my order be changed?

Yes, we can make adjustments to your order, but once it’s shipped we obviously no longer can do so. If you have received a notification that your order is already on its way we are unable to switch out or add any items to your order.

I used the wrong discount, can you change it for me? 

Unfortunately we can’t change the discount code once you’ve ordered, so we ask that you double check the discount code when submitting your order.

Will you be restocking any items? 

We will not be restocking any items today. If you wish to get an item that is not in stock there is nothing we can do on our side all you can do is wait for the next restock.

Happy Shopping!!

Thank you all again for ordering, and visiting our website today. We appreciate you all! We hope these questions will help you guys out today!

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