Behind The Scenes: The VERA & THEA Collections

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Good morning, Everyone! Welcome to another Wednesday and with it: another LAKI Blog Post. Today’s post is slightly different than most. Want to see what I’m talking about? Well then just check out the agenda for today!

  • LAKI News: VERA/ THEA Launch, Warehouse Move
  • Behind The Scenes of VERA and THEA Collections

Who wants to know more about what inspired our new collections? Alright then keep reading to know more!


Here at LAKI, we’ve been pretty busy! On Monday, March 15th we launched our newest sets. The VERA and THEA collections. These gorgeous collections come in 6 different colors including Sky blue, Glacier blue, Pine green, Scarlet red, Ash gray, and the classic Midnight black. With all these colors and 2 different styles and compression levels, anyone can find the perfect set for them. If you haven’t checked out our VERA and THEA Collections already, go check them out now!! They won’t be here forever. 

Warehouse Move!

To say that the past couple of weeks have been busy for LAKI would be an understatement. With the move and the launch happening just about simultaneously things got pretty crazy, but we managed to stay on top. We’re successfully moved into our new warehouse, and we couldn’t love it anymore. It’s the perfect upgrade for us and our growing business! Get ready for an office tour coming soon! 

Behind the Scenes of The VERA and THEA Collections 

The translation of the word Vera means “be.” The translation of the word Thea means “light.” These collections stand for Be the Light. A light for others, a light for yourself, a light for everyone. 

The VERA and THEA Collections have been in the works for a long time. We’ve probably been working on these sets for over a year. The inspiration for the leggings came from all the feedback we received from our Lecagy ii Collection. Our goal was to create the “perfect legging.” In hindsight, we realize it’s nearly impossible to create the “perfect legging” as every woman’s body is different, and goes through changes often, but we were determined. The leggings we set out to create were ones that hug your body, stay in place, and be just as comfortable as it was functional (with functionality being the most important element).

We were actually set to release these sets last summer. The I’s had been dotted and the T’s had been crossed, but when we received our shipment the leggings were nothing like we had designed, or what the samples had looked like. Everyone single one came with some sort of deformity, so now we had 2000 sets that we couldn’t sell. We were heartbroken. It felt heavy. As if everything that could have gone wrong- did. 

We had no idea what to do and had no idea how we would recover from this in terms of finances. To tell you that tears weren’t shed would be a complete lie. Even I- who had just started only a month prior- could feel the intense gravity of the situation. It wasn’t pretty. Eventually, after weeks of talking back and forth with the manufacturer, they agreed to refund 75% of what we had spent. It was a huge blessing, and LAKI definitely wouldn’t be here if this never happened.

So what next? It was back to the drawing board for us, the first step was finding a new manufacturer which meant many late nights of tedious conversations. Ultimately, we decided it was best to return to a reliable manufacturer which we had worked with in the past as we knew that the quality they provided was up to par. However, they are a small manufacturer. Designs were updated, and more and more samples were traded because this time we were going to get these right. After about 2-3 months of design updates and sample deliveries, we did it. After 6 months with the previous manufacturer and after the 3 we spent when originally designing the sets, but this was it. We were finally ready for production. We paid the manufacturers’ fee, and they began to get to work. 

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re here, and we have the support from all of you to thank. Without you all there would be no LAKI, and we appreciate you all being our light. Now we hope to be lights for you all. 

Until Next Time…

Thank you guys so much for reading today. I know this was very different from what we normally do, but we wanted to get real you guys. It’s important that you see us for what we really are. A few people doing our best to put light in the world through inspiration. Remember to be better, do better. See you guys next week!

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