Athlete Highlight: Danielle Webster

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Good morning, Everyone! We’re so excited for today’s blog post. We’re starting a new blog series today, that we’ve been wanting to start for such a long time, and it’s finally here! We can’t wait to get started with our new series, so let’s see what we have in store!

  • LAKI News: Tik-Tok Giveaway
  • Athlete Highlight: Danielle Webster

Excited? So are we! So let’s get going!

Tik Tok Giveaway

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Athlete Highlight: Danielle Webster

Here at LAKI we want to thank everyone who works with LAKI to spread the word about being better and doing better. Which is why we’re starting this new segment of athlete and ambassador highlights. Where we will find an athlete or ambassador who we think has been a great asset to our team, and highlight them here on our website. So without further ado, here’s Danielle Webster!

Danielle was one of our first athletes that we here at LAKI reached out to, and we’ve loved working with her every step up the way. Danielle first started working with us back in September of last year when we reached out to her in hope that she might become our first ever athlete, and she did!

Working with LAKI has been a great experience for Danielle because not only does LAKI stand for something she loves (fitness), but also because we’re constantly creating new products that help everyone feel good when working out! P.s. She says she’s excited for the new sets.

Danielle first became interested in fitness at the age of 17. She’d always been extremely skinny, and she no longer wanted to be. She wanted to become strong, and put on muscle mass. So that’s exactly what she did!

Lately, Daniella has been really into reading personal development books for fun! Which we can’t recommend more, but with that she has a little bit of advice for you and your personal development before we go. Danielle wants to share the importance of never giving up! There are so many times, especially in the beginning of her fitness journey, where she wanted to give up. But results will come, so keep putting in the work! Even if it gets hard sometimes.

That’s all for Danielle’s Highlight today. We just want to give a big thank you to Danielle and all of our other athletes and ambassadors who do so much for us here at LAKI, and create the best support team ever. 

If you want to see more of Danielle, and keep up with her fitness journey you can find her on Instagram @daniellewebsterfit.

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