Ambassador Highlight: Serena Kiss


Good morning, everyone! We’re excited to be back with another blog post. Today we’ve got a special treat for you all. Let’s check the agenda to see what it is!

  • LAKI News: Post ALTA Pro Launch Update
  • Ambassador Highlight: Serena Kiss

That’s right! We’ve got another ambassador highlight this week, and it is going to be amazing! I can’t wait for you all to get to know another one of our wonderful ambassadors!

ALTA PRO Launch Update

We wanted to hop on here really quick and give you guys all a big thank you! The ALTA PRO Launch was so much better than we ever could have imagined. We completely sold out of the PRO Joggers in our Midnight Black, and lots of our other colors are running low! If you haven't gotten your ALTA PRO Sets yet, you better run and get yours because they are going out fast.

Thank you all for such an amazing reaction. We truly owe you guys the world and we couldn't be more happy with the uplifting community that surrounds us!

Ambassador Highlight

That’s right! Another ambassador highlight for today. Today’s ambassador highlight is none other than Serena Kiss. Serena is a newer ambassador, but that doesn’t mean she is any less amazing! We’ve already loved having her a part of the team, even if it is for just a short time!

Serena was born and raised in Connecticut, and currently still lives there, but she is planning on moving to Utah later this year. Lucky for LAKI, hopefully she moves close to us!

Serena first found us on her search for a new duffle bag. Once she found the LAKI Duffel and browsed our activewear she just knew she’d want to be an ambassador. In March 2021 is when she first became an ambassador, and even though it’s been just one short month it’s already been so great getting to know Serena, and she’s loved it too! Her favorite part about working with LAKI has been that she knows LAKI cares. When posting about her recent cancer diagnosis Tasha Coy (CEO of LAKI) reached out personally to provide support. A caring community is a lasting community! 

The beginning of Serena’s fitness started when she was young. She always knew that she wanted to help others, and after fitness had saved her life from struggles with body image and disordered eating, she knew that she had found her calling! Because of that, Serena became a personal trainer in 2015, and she’s been helping others ever since. Lately, she’s been into jump roping and it’s definitely becoming her new favorite fitness hobby/ obsession. Especially over the course of this pandemic.

After asking Serena if there was anything she wanted to add, she said, “When starting any journey, remember that the beginning is the hardest part. You’re stronger than you think (physically and mentally).” We couldn’t agree more. We are all capable of some amazing things, never underestimate yourself! All things are achievable with constant dedication and trust in yourself.

A big thank you to Serena for being willing to share a little bit of her life with us. You can continue to get to know Serena and follow along with her journey on Instagram and Clubhouse @movewithserena.

See You All Next Week 

These ambassador highlights have been so fun to write. We’ve loved getting to know our ambassador better, and building a stronger community with you all. We will see you all next week. Thank you so much for reading.

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