Ambassador Highlight: Maggy Herrmann

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Good morning you guys. It’s good to see you again for another blog post! We have some exciting news for this blog post, and a super exciting treat for you! You wanna see what’s up? Let’s check out the agenda for today: 

  • LAKI News: New ALTA Pro Jogger Sets 
  • Ambassador Highlight: Maggy Herrmann 

Wanna hear more? Alright then let’s get going already!

NEW ALTA Pro Collection

Yes you heard us right! Another new collection is dropping soon, and it’s the best one yet. We know you guys loved the ALTA Jogger sets- it’s apparent you can’t get enough, so we brought you guys an upgrade. With the ALTA PRO Collection we’ve brought you everything you know and love with the jogger sets and more! The perfect combination of the jogger and our new THEA sets, you won’t be able to get enough. They’ll be coming in the same 6 colors as our THEA and VERA sets, available for mixing and matching. 

Keep an eye out for our release date, by staying caught up with our Instagram or checking out our newsletter! 

Ambassador Highlight: Maggy Herrmann

Our ambassador highlight this week is so fun! I’ve loved talking with Maggy, and getting to know her and her journey. We can’t wait to introduce you all officially to Maggy. 

Maggy was actually born in Colombia but moved to Miami in 2007, and then later found herself living in Houston. She’s now been in Houston for about 6 years. 

Originally, Maggy found us on Instagram, and decided to give us a chance. When she finally received her first pair of leggings she fell in love with the material and the quality that goes into each product. Maggy has been an ambassador since December of 2019! She loves supporting small businesses (especially LAKI). Since day one she could tell how much effort is put into the company from all the little details- like the note we add for every first time customer.

Her favorite part about working with LAKI is the amount of dedication and passion that she sees put into every collection. She loves that we are not simply selling great quality products, but also unique pieces that make you look great!

Maggy originally started her fitness journey because her husband had always been an athlete, and she became interested in following the same lifestyle. When she started to train with him, however, she found that it was much more than that. She saw great benefits- including a decrease in chronic migraine episodes. Ever since then fitness has been such a large part of her life. For her fitness inspiration Maggy enjoys keeping up with @massy.arias on Instagram. She’s a fit mom, who gives her the motivation she needs to keep up with her training.

Besides working out, Maggy works with children with special needs. She loves having the opportunity to guide and teach children and watch the students discover, succeed and learn something new every day.

Lastly, Maggy just wanted to say this, “Don’t forget that besides having the “perfect” body, the most important thing is to feel healthy both physically and mentally. So you must love your body throughout your journey during all of its stages. Also stop comparing yourself to others because the competition is within yourself. It’s your personal goals and you can achieve them by understanding that adapting to health habits isn’t just about a fad; it’s about genuinely taking responsibility for your well-being. It’s about self-love!!”

Our motto about being better and doing better doesn’t only apply to others. It applies to yourself as well! Remember to do better and better to yourself, and you will find that life will be much more fulfilling.

We’re so glad that Maggy is on our team, and spreading positivity and inspiration through her account. We’re lucky to have her and every single one of you supporting us and our small business! If you want to continue to check out what Maggy is up to you can find her on Instagram @maggyhfit

See Ya Later

Alright guys! Thanks for reading this week. Join us next week for some great information about staying safe when working out! We hope to see you all then, but until next time: BE BETTER, DO BETTER.

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