10 Tips On Building Your Self-Confidence

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  • 10 Tips on Building Confidence

I loved working on this blog post, so I hope you guys love reading it, and keep some of these tips in mind. Let’s get started!

10 Tips On Building Confidence

With the new year having come many goals are being made. Here at LAKI we are always trying to be better and do better, and that always begins with making a change within ourselves. This is why we wanted to give you guys some tips on staying confident, so without further ado, here are 10 tips on building your confidence.

  1. Keep A Growth Mindset

You will never be able to make change in yourself if you aren’t open to growth! Understand that life comes with challenges and experiences that lead to growth, and embrace it. Once you can do that, the rest will come much easier.

  1. Focus On YOU

It’s too easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing with their lives, what accomplishments they’re making, and what stage of life they might be in. Seeing this can be easily discouraging, but everyone moves through life at their own specific pace. It’s best to focus on you, and what you have and will accomplish in the future. Stop allowing other peoples’ lives to dictate your own.

  1. Focus On Changes You Can Change

There’s a lot in life that’s simply out of our control, but focusing on what we won’t be able to change will only bring us down. Try focusing on the things that you can change, and make those changes!

  1. Work On the Small Stuff

Taking on big tasks are bound to discourage or become a stressor for anyone. It’s best to work in small bursts, and accomplish what you can. Small achievements will make you feel much better about yourself, and keep you from stressing too much.

  1. Be Kind.

Being a better person to those around you will not only make others' image of you improve, but it is also known to improve your own self-image, leading you to be more confident in yourself.

  1. Change Your Body Language

In many behavioral studies it has been shown that changes in body language have been known to lead to confidence and better self-image. Avoid slouching, hanging your head, and even taking shallow breaths. Changing these things will have you feeling like the powerful person you truly are. You could even try tilting your shin up a bit, and see how much this alters how you feel about yourself.

  1. Tell Yourself Daily Affirmations

An affirmation can be anything you like about yourself (i.e. I like my hair, I like my smile, I like how kind I am). Try to stay specific, and try having different affirmations each time. This will teach you to think more positively about yourself more often, and train you to avoid negative self-talk which will definitely contribute to your confidence.

  1. Create A “Feel Good” Playlist

There are an abundance of studies showing that music has an effect on our emotions. Which is why music can even have an effect on your confidence. Try creating a playlist with songs that make you feel like the baddie you are! Songs that are upbeat and exciting usually do the best at doing so, but it’s all about your own preferences.

  1. Surround Yourself With Supportive Friends

Creating an environment where you feel comfortable is a key step to building your confidence. The first place to start is with those you choose to surround yourself with. As long as those around you provide good support for you and your endeavors it’ll be much easier to find yourself being comfortable and confident in your own skin.

  1. Know Your Principles and Stick With Them

Your personal principles could be any rule, advice, or motto that you might stick to in life. Without having one it’s easy to feel lost or directionless. Once you figure out your principles, stick by them! It’ll be much easier to navigate through hardships that life may give you, and have you feeling confident in yourself and how you handle them.

That’s all for now, but if you have anymore tips on how to remain confident, we’d love to hear them! So, comment how you help yourself stay confident.

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