10 Gift Ideas for the Gym Lover in Your Life

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  • Gift Ideas for Gym Junkies

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10 Gift Ideas for the Gym Junkie In Your Life

Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the gym lover in your life? Yeah, us too! We’ve taken the liberty of finding some great and affordable gifts you can get your Gym Lover so that you don’t have to look any further.


1. Sweat- proof Hair Rings

These are a great and very inexpensive gift for your girls or guys with longer hair! It’s not made of cloth so it won’t get smelly or dirty from any sweat or anything else during workouts. Plus, it makes for a great stocking stuffer! Ranges from about $5-$10 depending on how many you get.


2. Muscle Relieving Bath Salts 

We all know the Gym Rat who constantly has sore muscles from their workouts. Well now there’s a great gift for them. Taking a nice warm bath with some bath salts is known to relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. In addition to this, they’re a great inexpensive gift that could also double as a perfect stocking stuffer! Ranges from $15-$20.


3. Booty Bands

Booty bands are a great gift. Not only are they pretty cheap price-wise, but they also are a great item to have when working out! You can find amazing booty bands at Dynamiactive.com with super cute prints, or just plain black. It’s the perfect gift for great leg day! They’re just $18 from Dynamiactive.

4. Foam Roller

A foam roller is not expensive, and great for the one who always has sore muscles (come on, you know the type). The foam roller ranges from $15-$30 depending on which brand you get, but will keep your Gym Rat’s muscles feeling fresh or their next workout.


5. Personal Blender

Personally, I’ve never met a Gym Lover who doesn’t love their protein shakes as much as the gym. Which is why a personal blender is such a good idea. It gives them the opportunity to blend up their protein shakes (or even healthy smoothies) without having to wash so many dishes. Prices range from about $20-$40.


6. Meal Prep Kit

Having a healthy diet- as any Gym Rat- knows is one of the most important factors of staying fit. So why not help your Gym Rat with staying healthy by getting them a meal prep kit. Meal prep is great for busy people who don’t have time to cook meals every night, and a great way to encourage a healthy diet as well. Meal Prep kits can range from $30-$40 depending on what kind of appliances the kit includes, and which brand you purchase from.


7. Body Fat Scale

Body fat scales are very popular at the moment, and for good reason. They do a great job of calculating an estimate of how much of your weight is body fat vs. muscle. It also comes with a great app that allows you to track your progress through the app by syncing it with your scale. These body fat scales can range from about $25-$70 depending on the brand you purchase.


8. Yoga Mat

Maybe your Gym Rat is less of a Gym Rat and more of a yogi, well no worries we got that covered too. A nice new yoga mat is sure to be the perfect gift! There are so many different styles, designs, and brands out there that you are sure to find one that is perfect for your yogi. Price ranges from $20-$50,again, depending on which brand you purchase from. 


9. Gym Bag 

Did someone say gym bag? Oh right, we did! Because gym bags are an amazing gift. It’s hard to get all of your gear, change of clothes, water bottle, shoes, and so much more into the gym, so why not get them a nice gym bag. And LAKI has the perfect gym bag with ventilation, 40oz water bottle pocket and so much more. Not only this, but it doubles as a weekend bag! Amazing right. Right now the LAKI Duffel is discounted to $82, so don’t miss out on this deal and get your Gym Lover a Gym bag, and maybe one for you too, just in case.

10. LARQ Water Bottle

Wanna get them something really cool? A water bottle doesn’t seem very interesting, but this water bottle is more than it appears. The LARQ water bottle self-purifies your water. LARQ claims that their water bottle eliminates 99.9999% of harmful bacteria. Keeping the water and water bottle stink free. Not only that, but it comes in a range of gorgeous colors. Price for the water bottle starts at $95, but you can purchase bundles for varying prices! 

That’s all for our gift ideas! Hopefully, some of these ideas were helpful in finding the perfect gift for the Gym Lovers in your lives. Thanks for checking out our list! 

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